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# Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Funny how 10 years ago, I was reading publications and listening to sessions by many of the people that today I have the honor and pleasure of calling my friends. It’s been a hell of a ride being active in the .NET community and I owe a lot of the beginnings of that to INETA. Traveling around the country, speaking at user groups and meeting many, many talented developers (some of whom have become friends of mine) has been one of the highlights of my community involvement. It was another good friend of mine, Bill Wolff, that introduced me to INETA and since then there have been a number of good people involved. Nancy, Scott, Rob, Chris, Trish, Lori, and many others. All of them made the organization a big priority in their lives and careers and it thrives today because of that collective effort. And it’s not just about the fun I and others have had as speakers; many user groups owe a lot to INETA for their support. I hope the organization continues to be the glue for the symbiotic relationship between those who run the groups and those who speak at them.

So a lot has evolved and changed over the years in the formula that defines the interaction between the groups and the speakers, but one thing has remained. INETA is still the primary user group support mechanism out there. I still get to travel around and speak to great developers around the country and sample what they try to pass of as pizza (they forget I’m from Jersey).

Happy anniversary INETA; may the next 10 years be even better, even though pizza outside of Jersey will probably get worse.

Until next time…

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