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# Friday, March 25, 2011


Nice blog post from an attendee: http://bejabbers2.blogspot.com/2011/03/inaugural-devready-event-on-mvvm.html


A big thank you to all who made it out to the DevReady MVVM events we put together on the 19th and the 21st in the Microsoft Philly and NYC offices!

The turnout was fantastic and the feedback I’ve seen so far has exceeded my expectations.

We had five sessions set up and they went as follows:

  1. XAML: Achieving your moment of clarity
  2. Programming with MVVM
  3. Programming with MVVM – Advanced Topics
  4. Platform Reusability with MVVM – also known as “How MVVM saved my butt and how laziness came back to bite me”
  5. Intro to Prism – previously “Leveraging Controls to Build XAML-based applications”

The first three sessions were done by me in what can be construed as a very painful delivery process, but not because of the sessions. A couple of days before, I woke up with an inflamed nerve in my left hip and I was in pretty intense pain for a while. I was walking with a cane and was popping Alleve like Dr. House pops Vitaken. By the time the first event (Philly) came around, I was better but nowhere near 100%. Luckily it was offset by a beautiful day on Thursday and I got to ride from Jersey down to Philly Intl. with the top down, seriously raising my mood.

What was I doing in Philly Intl you ask? That gets me to the most important point regarding these events. I was picking up a friend of mine who’s an evangelist for DevExpress. DevExpress graciously put up the sole sponsorship for both these events and provided everyone with both breakfast and lunch, along with several product licenses. On top of that, they flew Seth Juarez out to deliver one of the sessions, during which Seth also demonstrated the power and versatility of using DevExpress tools in WPF and Silverlight while also teaching attendees how to use the Prism framework.

Dani Diaz, the Microsoft Developer Evangelist for the Philly area delivered the fourth session at both events. Dani did a terrific job showing everyone how to take what I had just taught them and reuse it among a desktop and Phone 7 application.

Also, a great thank you to my own Developer Evangelist, Peter Laudati, for putting together all the tedious logistics at the NY offices. Anyone who has ever tried to throw an event in any Microsoft office knows that it is not a trivial process logistically and kudos goes out to both Peter and Dani for grabbing the bull by the horns on this one.

We’ve already received requests for repeating this event in other regions, possibly starting with the Capital Area, so DC here we come.

Once again, thank you to all involved in the events and thank you to the attendees for making it so much fun and putting up with my bizarre and sometimes unorthodox sense of humor; and most of all thank you to Developer Express, without whom these events could not have taken place.

Stay on top of the DevReady web site. There you can find out about more events and also about exactly what the DevReady concept is.

My session material for both these events can be found on the Downloads section of this site. The rest can be found on the DevReady web site.


Until next time…

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