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# Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Like if you care, but here’s my bio posting.  My resume can be found here.

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I got started in the computer industry just after high school.  During that part of my life, I spent a lot of time at the local Radio Shack learning Basic on the old TRS-80s.  I learned programming by reading code in David H. Ahl’s Basic Computer Games and More Basic Computer Games while programming Apple IIs and Ataris.  I put myself through college by working as a programmer at a Miami-based software company.  My area of expertise at that time was something called the PICK operating system.

Advance to 1989 (September 11 actually).  I moved to New Jersey and got started working in Microsoft technologies with the release of Visual Basic 1.0 (actually, I did some QuickBasic and Turbo Pascal back in Miami).

I moved into the consulting arena in 1994 when I started to work for what used to be Coopers & Lybrand Consulting, one of the then-big 6 firms (now it’s joined with Price Waterhouse into what’s known as Price Waterhouse Coopers).  A year later, I got the opportunity to contract for a startup and branched out on my own.  I’ve been independent ever since and am incorporated as SteelBlue Solutions (just happens to be my favorite web color).

In 2004 I got started doing a lot of community involved work including speaking at user groups and writing for CoDe Magazine and was awarded Microsoft MVP in 2005.  Several months later, I was picked up by INETA as one of their speakers.  In 2006 I got my conference break with VSLive and have since spoken at all the major conferences around the states including DevConnections and Tech-Ed.  I’ve also spoken at several overseas conferences.

In 2007 I started doing training with Dunn Training & Consulting, a company owned by my good friend, Mark Dunn.  Later that year, myself, Mark, and Rocky Lhotka put together a class on Rocky’s famous CSLA business framework and later that year we held a pilot class with 30 students.  I’ve taught that class over 30 times since then and it still runs once in a while.  In early 2009, I joined the ranks of the IDesign Architects under the recommendation and support from a good friend of mine, Brian Noyes.  The consulting and training with IDesign is what keeps me busy today and is both challenging and enjoyable work.

Something else that took place along this time was the release of my product, CodeBreezeCodeBreeze is a code-generator that was born out of a personal need at many of my consulting assignments and grew into a commercial product.  CodeBreeze is currently at its 2.0 release and I’m working on releasing 3.0 sometime in the middle of this year.


I was born in Havana, Cuba and came to the United States in 1972.  Our departure from our country came after a two-year tour in a cuban field-labor concentration camp that my father served in to gain an exit visa (now you may understand why I’m so anti-commie and so politically conservative when it comes to certain security issues).  We left the country in 1969 and went to Madrid, Spain and after three years there, moved to New York City.  One year later we did what every other good Cuban does, moved to Miami, FL.

elenaI’m the oldest of four, the others being two brothers and one sister.  Between them I have 3 nephews and 2 nieces.  All of them as well as my parents still live in Miami (shit, all in the same town actually).

I married a wonderful woman from Belarus in 2003 after dating her for about three years and in December of that year we had my daughter, Victoria.  Victoria is  currently 6 years old (well, 6 and a quarter if you ask her) and is more computer literate than I was when I was 12 (and most people that are 30).

Other things I enjoy is riding my Harley or riding around in my convertible with daughter.  I enjoy cigars and scotch and am always in the middle of a book.  I love military tech novels from Coonts or Clancy but am also an immense fan of Clive Cussler.





The Future

So what’s in store for me in the future.  I guess the easy answer is tech and family.  Don’t get on my ass for not having a life; I have a great life.  I have the good fortune that my hobby and my profession are one in the same.  I spend an incredible amount of time reading and keeping up to speed in new technologies, a task that does not get any easier.  I’m either working on CodeBreeze on a regular basis, or some other pet project (typically more than one at the same time).  I believe that as a consultant, it would be a disservice to my clients, both present and future, to do otherwise.


Passion for technology
is my strategy for success

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